Welcome to Treptower Knockers Cricket Club!

Team picture


Treptower Knockers are an international Cricket Club based in Berlin, Germany. Starting as a fun, safe, socially-distanced way to play some sport during the early days of the pandemic in 2020, the Knockers quickly grew from five friends playing casual park cricket every Tuesday evening into a fully-fledged Cricket Club with ambitions to join the Berlin Cricket League.

During the Summer hours, you will find the Knockers having a casual knock each Tuesday at Treptower Park. Absolutely anyone and everyone, from beginners to former pro’s, are encouraged to join in and try our inclusive brand of park cricket. However, the Knockers also train every Friday evening with real hard-ball cherries, pads and helmets.

Should you be interested to join in and try out, be it for a casual knock or for the real deal, head over to our Contact Page to get in touch with us!

Our values

Those original five park cricketers are also members of our sister team: Friedrichshain Internazionale Football Club (a.k.a. The Unicorns). By the time we had grown in size enough to consider starting a real cricket club, it was clear to us that we should adopt similar values that make the football club so special, and we still hold these values today.

This quickly-assembled jpeg of values helped us to ensure that people who are interested in playing with us understand who we are and what we aim to become, both as a team and as individuals.

Our Ambitions

The foundations of the Knockers club are set, and now we aim to grow the club with some lofty ambitions! In the short-term, we are aiming to join the Berlin Cricket League, where all games are played next to the Olympiastadion in West Berlin. As a bunch of nomadic Berliners from across the globe, travel is important to us all and so we will always be organising our next cricketing tour, be it near or far away.

In the long-term, we would like to help grow and promote the sport of cricket in Berlin. We have ambitions to start a second team, to promote and encourage women's participation, and possibly even a youth team.