Welcome to Treptower Knockers Cricket Club!

Who we are

As of 2023, TKCC is made up of 25 loveable cricket-loving idiots from across the world. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, which always makes for a fantastic social scene - from post-knock drinks and meals, to crazy tours of The Netherlands - there’s never a dull moment with The Knockers!


Billy is the spearhead of the Treptower Knockers attack. He is a tall left arm seamer with the valuable ability to bring the ball back into the right hander. Whilst we normally look upon real cricketing ability with suspicion, we make an exception for Billy – an original ‘Knocker’ and the current club president. Born on the correct side of the Pennines, he grew up in Chorley in deepest darkest Lancashire. His formative cricket years were spent at Chorley Cricket Club before he escaped the UK for good and landed in Berlin. His batting is marked by big hitting, and he has demonstrated a willingness to risk life and sometimes even limb in the outfield for the team.

Andy “Skippy” Walus, a TKCC founder and the first ever club captain has led the team on tour as well as coaching the team in Berlin. Our attacking right hand batter adds some aggression to our middle order as well as a calm head in the field. Whilst a dodgy back has kept him from playing as much as he might want he has always supported the rest of the team from the boundary with a beer in hand, now fully fit again he will be back on the pitch and in the runs, probably still with a beer in hand!



The evergreen all rounder, the ice cold winter soldier, the wearer of gloves and breaker of hearts, the rattler of bails and the ender of tails, the smasher of fours and pusher for twos, Neil Mahoney is the Captain's Captain who isn't the Captain but knows when to Captain the Knockers to glory.

"Avve it!!" is more than just a catchphrase for Andy West; it's a way of life. This batting maestro is a founder member of Treptower Knockers, he has become a fixture in the team since its formation in 2020. With his left-handed wizardry, he consistently conjures impressive scores with a touch of flair. Indie rock is practically his life's soundtrack, and Oasis, his musical inspiration on his exciting sporting career. As for the football team he supports Blackburn Rovers is his football team (less said about that the better) :). Straight outta Ealing and that’s exactly where he struck his Supersonic sixes soaring over London’s skyline where in his formative cricketing years, thrilling the crowds in the London leagues and a regular at Lord’s cricket ground to watch Middlesex. But he's not confined to local stardom, for his love of cricket knows no boundaries. From gracing the pitches half the world away Down Under to representing the Colombian national team no less! In 2014, this charming chappy took his sporting talents across borders again to Berlin, quickly establishing himself as a fixture on the football pitch with the Unicorns. A delight to watch him bat, encouraging and he has been key on Knockers European tours regularly among the top scorers. His journey, like his cover drives, is nothing short of spectacular, and he's an invaluable asset pushing us to the team Acquiesce to victory. Left arm spin is his thing and though he has been known to sneak out the occasional pearoller in his champagne super overs. Keep an eye out for this dynamic player on match day. Andy West is our very own Rock and Roll star, making a massive impact both on and off the field.



Milind "Miland" Pania New Zealand tragic, leader of men and Schöneberg's greatest ever off-spinner. On a mission from God (Martin Crowe) to bring the gospel of cricket to all in Berlin. Understands the theoretical concept of people who don't like the game, but still reluctant to accept it in practice.

"In the beginning, there was nothing. Then the Gods created the heavens and the earth, the sky and the water, and Adam's determination to bat all day." Alongside nobly leading TKCC through their first 2 years as club president, his natural hand-eye coordination and skill has helped him develop into a mean and miserly batter, despite playing his first proper cricket match in 2021. The man is a natural.


Lucas Klichenstein

Nickname: Lucas Klichenstein Cricket Gott. Favourite shot: Reverse-switch-slog-sweep to mid-on. Favourite sledge: Wenn du aus einem Boot fällt, kannst du nicht aufs Wasser treffen. Alex Meier but with a stick. Born and raised on the mean streets of Frankfurt, Lucas began mastering his technique with just a broken school ruler and a billiard ball. Now he is one of the most feared all rounders for the mighty Knockers. He also wears some lovely hats.

The same day Aretha Franklin married her second husband, Jan, Lancashire's own version of Sir Edmund Hillary, was born and he was ready from day one.. Ready to make you fear for his physical welfare when you see him entering the pitch. For his and your own sake you want to put him in a couple of layers of bubble wrap...so no one gets hurt when fielding close to him. When he bowls you'll need earplugs because he'll scream at you to "Foooookin catchiit!!!" Jan can be a stubborn batsman who's sometimes hard to dismiss. His 30mph moonball dibbly-dobblies will teach you a good lesson if you think you can run down the track and hit him into the next postcode. An original Knocker and avid fan of the mighty English cricket team he doesn't miss a chance to share his very own theories about the sport he loves so much ... artistic swimming



A Worcestershire-born purveyor of dobbly away-swingers and lower-order nurdles. Bandwagon-jumper and late arrival to the Knockers fold who brims with the zeal of the convert on the rare occasion he makes it to training. Still failing to make a career writing about cricket in German

Rael, a proud Afrikaner, and in his own words: “I can switch off my brain and just hit the ball without overthinking it”. And so has it been seen! He may talk all day about “Biltong”, but it’s always a pleasure to share the ground with him.



Off the field, Ben is an almost chemically perfect Berlin expat - in other words,he runs a craft beer business and is an accomplished musician and songwriter. On the field, he’s an equally canonical English all rounder, who combines aggressive swing bowling with even more aggressive stroke play. With ball in hand, Ben makes one recall the ferocity of Simon Jones and also the robustness and resistance to injury of Simon Jones. Observers have praised his guitar playing for its subtle forms and intricate techniques and his hard hitting batting for…other qualities. If you’ve been fortunate to watch a Ben Wuyts innings you’ll know what this means,and if you haven’t just try and imagine what would happen if the music of Slipknot were to come to life and find itself in the middle order. In any event, if you’re looking for good show in Treptower, you won’t do much better.

Sossie. The legendary butcher hails from the unforgiving terrains of Ashburton, New Zealand. His harsh upbringing as a nomadic hunter in the desolate wastelands of Aotearoa’s South Island is evident in his swinging of the willow as though swinging an axe through a wild boar’s skull. His lacing of the red leather to and over the boundary rope is rivaled only by his swinging of the cleaver in the abattoir. Sossie’s dexterity, honed in the intricate art of sausage tying, is reflected in his wily finger spinners; his consistent bamboozling of batters seeing him dubbed the “Ashwin of Ashburton”. Always the first player picked and the first to tuck into a pint at stumps, Sossie is an integral member of any team he graces with his presence.



Meet Nathan from Queensland: a quantum physicist by day, and a leg-spinning cricket enthusiast by night. Balancing the world of quantum computers with his love for cricket, he's our go-to for both wicked deliveries and quantum conundrums. Cheers to our local cricket nerd!

The addition of this fine young gentleman from Lancashire to the knockers was a great one and not only because he seriously brought down the age average of our team. But don't be fooled by his juvenile charm and friendly smile, as on the pitch he will not hesitate to celebrate sending you out with a golden duck using his fierce leg spin attack. If he's on your team though, you can rely on him and he'll always have a good tip for you or help out otherwise with his profound Cricket knowledge and with carrying cricket gear around townin his little car, so that we can smash the hard ball around in a portable net without having to fear that we break any nearby windows or cars.



Pete Clifford: Left-arm fast-medium bowler, right-hand middle order batter. Pete, aka Business, is club treasurer and more importantly, a treasure for the club. One of three left-arm bowlers in the team, Pete loves coming around the wicket and knocking over 12 year-old kids, celebrating their wickets like Shoaib Akhtar in his pomp. Pete is also an excellent middle-order bat, with some glorious timing through the off-side and cheeky taps into the leg-side. He’s especially a great runner between the wickets, taking quick singles and turning 1’s into 2’s. Pete’s best quality though, is being able to sleep through the snores of certain teammates. Coupled with his affable nature, it makes him invaluable as a cuddle buddy on tour. On a more serious note, Pete is the reason we have ever had tours in the first place. His contacts in the Netherlands paved the way for the Knockers to go on their first ever tour, allowing many of us to relive our cricket-playing days while others got to experience their first ever games of proper cricket. He's also a wonderful human being, having hosted the Knockers for social events at his place, always smiling, even when someone takes his Gummibärchen. It's business time!

Arslan Reginald Butt Age: Spritely enough Nationality: Pakistan Cricketing Style: A lothario with the bat, he can be relied upon to get the important runs with an ill-advised Dillscoop or a sumptuously inappropriate reverse sweep. His bowling is deadly accurate, with a wrist action that would make a nun blush. Fun Fact: Arslan is actually a distant relative of former Manchester United midfielder Nicky Butt and actually played in a charity T20 against him at Old Trafford, bowling him out for a golden duck.



Alishah New to the club since 2023 and already a big man around the club, super friendly and can often be found being VERY relaxed. Born in Pakistan, raised in Canada: He bowls rockets at your head but he is really, really nice about it!

With a Trojan hero named after him, we knew this strapping young Lincolnshire lad meant business when he entered the fold in 2023. A talented artist - with great hands both on and off the field - Hector is a right arm express specialist (faster and more punctual and accurate than the ICE) who can also handle his own with the willow in hand with some lovely orthodox, powerful strokeplay. Added to the mix, he and his lovely partner are busy producing the next generation of Knockers. At the time of writing (October 2023), we are very much looking forward to The Lincolnshire Express' touring debut. Even for a Pom, he is an outstanding cricketer and even better bloke.



Chanakya Bhardwaj. Fierce and tenacious opening bowler. Underrated (only by himself) batsmen. Gun fielder. Conveyor of wisdom and truth, Cha is the Oracle of TKCC. He can often be found providing wise counsel to fellow Knockers, both on and off the field. Growing up and honing his craft on the dusty streets of Ambala, Cha has come a long way to the silicone heights of Berlin. He exudes confidence without arrogance – never batting at training so as to allow others the chance, but very capably swinging the willow in matches. Off the field, Cha and his lovely Benz have been known to throw a mean shindig with amazing food. He’s the sole winner of TKCC’s Best Hair and Fashion Awards for several years running. This Cha-rmer is cause for mothers to lock up all sons and daughters when TKCC is on tour. It’s hard to imagine TKCC – or life – without Cha.

Ken, aka KP, aka Milind’s uncle, is yet another Queenslander donning the black and pink of TKCC. Ken combines technically gifted batting at the top of the order with underrated right-arm dibbly-dobblies. He’s also a gun-fielder and scores highly on the chirp-o-meter. Ken is beloved by aunts, an accomplished lawyer, loves 1. FC Union and always has a witty comment for almost every situation, ranging from how to deal with smelly toilets after post-match Indian food to life advice. You can’t go wrong with Ken by your side. He’ll anchor the innings, bring a smile to your face and offer sage advice. Pick Ken in your fantasy side, both cricketing and otherwise *wink wink*.



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Who knew that beloved Marvel character Start Lord had a cricket playing alter ego, named Alex Wright? Not many, but once you get into the nitty gritty of the two legendary characters, the similiarities are there for all to see. Both heroes refuse to do ANYTHING without a killer playlist of classic 70's and 80's anthems, both sport incredible moustaches, and, most importantly, both are the original and founding member of a rag-tag bunch of eccentric players. This may be where the similarities end as TKCC are yet to recruit anyone who resembles a tree, although a few of us are hairy enough to be mistaken for a raccoon.
Alex came up with the idea of the Tuesday knock during lockdown and has led the team in terms of vibe and energy since day one. At a time when the days bled into each other, the Tuesday knock gave us a chance to meet safely, and support one another. With his tricky, hard to pick right arm deliveries and truly unique batting stance, he has been a consistently tremendous addition to every tour he has been involved in, even with his enthusiasm for sharing boxes and wearing used budgie smugglers, Alex will always be loved and recognised as the original knocker.



By temperament, aesthetic and many other attributes Teague is far from the stereotype of a haughty, aristocratic English cricketer. Nevertheless, he is an Oxford graduate, come to Berlin to research quantum physics, and bats with a languid, nonchalant style which cannot help but cause the observer to recall a young David Gower. Audiences who prefer punk rock to baroque elegance should keep an eye on his athletic work in the field, and fans of the avant-garde will enjoy the loopy, ragging spin bowling. In short, a welcome addition to the Treptower family (and not just because he helps keeps the average age down)!

DIL, DIL, FOLLOW THE PALMMMM! How to describe Zoheb Veljee? As a wicketkeeper he offers wise words aplenty from behind the stumps, whether they are relevant to the cricket or not. As a batsman, he is a classy strokemaker whose easy-going style is easily adaptable to all conditions - be it the hot and hard tracks of his native Pakistan, the astroturf lotteries of the United States (his former home), or the sacred-yet-raw-and-occasionally-needle-ridden turf of Treptower Park. But this man is no ordinary keeper-batsman. In fact, he is the ultimate all-rounder. After keeping wicket for half the innings, the Knockers regularly turn to Zoheb to bowl his full allotment of overs late in the day as their much-vaunted pace attack discovers 10 pints and a kebab the night before may have been a mistake... Zoheb's somewhat convoluted approach to the stumps transforms gracefully into a classic right-arm off-break action, delivering consistent flight and guile that almost always restores control for his captain when it is needed most. Guitarist, guru, all-round good soul, Zoheb adds more than just cricket skills to any team he lines up for and any Tour he joins. Always enthusiastic, always respectful to the game and the good times it brings, and a true shining light on and off the pitch #trueknocker



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